Verizon 4G LTE Network Extender Wireless Cellular Signal Booster Wi-Fi Router – (Single Device) Coverage Area 75,000 SQ FT-Wireless Signal Amplifier (Black)-SLS-BU102 (Renewed)

Price: $2,499.00
(as of Nov 28,2022 11:42:27 UTC – Details)

Verizon 4G LTE Network Extender for Enterprise by Verizon Wireless (SLS-BU1023) Small cells that are made for businesses can cover up to 31,000 square feet. LTE cellular signal by connecting over a normal Internet connection. providing in-building coverage for up to 200 users. One device can be connected to up to four antennas to cover an area of 75,000 sq. ft., and multiple devices can be used to create a super-cell that covers up to 150,000 sq. ft. The Enterprise LTE Network Extender makes a safe tunnel back to Verizon’s core network over an Internet connection. The Enterprise LTE Network Extender creates a new LTE signal that is sent all over the building. When a user walks into a building, they are automatically switched from the cell network outside to the Enterprise LTE Network Extender’s coverage area. This keeps the coverage going. Each device can support up to 200 idle users and up to 42 active users at the same time. Multiple devices can be installed to expand the coverage area. connects securely to Verizon’s network over an enterprise-grade encrypted IPsec tunnel. Simple installation Local administration interface The Network Extender has a single multi-colored LED that indicates the device’s connectivity status.
The package includes 1 fast network (Verizon LTE 4G) that improves device signals; bad signals are no longer an issue! A great small cell generates up to a standard 31,000 square foot coverage area. Compatible with all networks
Verizon Wireless’ Network Extender 4G LTE for Enterprise has an embedded web server that lets IP settings be changed. It enables users to easily install and configure the system by connecting to an existing broadband network
The Network Extender 4G’s two wireless antennas provide omnidirectional signal transmission and reception between the Network Extender and communicating with Verizon Wireless mobile phones. Each wireless antenna rotates 360 degrees to accommodate various installations
Enjoy better streaming with our small size, lightweight, powerful wireless network extender, enhance the cellular network and eliminate dead zones, up to bedroom, floors, restroom, garage, basement, and garden, office
The connected devices page shows the currently connected users as well as the history of cellular network extender capacity utilization over a period of 24 hours. The value reported is the peak per hour
The Network Extender 4G LTE for Enterprise is a Plug and Play device that can be installed to automatically provide enhanced in-building wireless service in an enterprise or small office without having to change your existing mobile phone
A single Verizon 4G LTE device covers up to 75,000 sq. ft. of coverage area and is capable of supporting up to 42 simultaneously active users and up to 200 idle users per device. Multiple devices can be used to create a super-cell of up to 150,000 sq. ft

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