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Ultra Mobile is the simple, low-cost way to communicate with loved ones all over the world! We cater to the 40 million foreign-born people living in the United States who call or text internationally on a regular basis, offering a wide range of unlimited international calling and data plans. Our subscribers can get unlimited calling to Mexico, China, Canada, and other countries for as little as $19 per month! Furthermore, Ultra is powered by the fastest 4G LTE and voice network in the US, ensuring consistent service across the country. Ultra keeps you in touch with the people who matter the most, no matter how far away they are.

All mobile plans include everything you need.


  • Free Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Text & Data*

  • High Speed 5G • 4G LTE Data

  • Free Wi-Fi Calling

  • Free Mobile Hotspot**

  • Free Unlimited Talk To 80+ Countries

  • Free Unlimited Global Text

  • Free 3-In-1 SIM Card

Why Choose Us

With 1-Month Plans, you can get all the savings without making a long-term commitment.

Talk & Text Plan

250MB 5G • 4G LTE Data

$15 /mo

2GB Plan

5G • 4G LTE Data

$19 /mo


40GB 5G • 4G LTE Data

$49 /mo