DO More With WPMU DEV’s Managed WordPress Hosting Partnered With DigitalOcean

All hosting companies are not equal, and some are more not equal than others! Here is why we have never kept WPMU DEV’s managed WordPress hosting partnership with DigitalOcean’s cloud infrastructure secret…

Not Your Garden Variety Hosting Company…

Although WPMU DEV started in a garden shed as a simple plugin repository with a handful of products way back in 2005, we are now one of the top WordPress companies helping web developers all around the world grow their businesses.

WPMU DEV offers the best managed WordPress hosting on the market.

WPMU DEV’s continued growth and expansion is due largely to the hosting partnership we have forged with DigitalOcean for the past 3 years.

Thanks to DigitalOcean’s evolving hosting technology, excellent product offerings, and amazing support, we have not only built the best managed WordPress Hosting available today on top of a robust infrastructure, but we have also turned this into a beast of a WordPress platform solution that web developers of all skill levels can use to build a solid and sustainable business on.

As James Farmer, our CEO states…

“Our mission at WPMU DEV is to be your ultimate web development partner. Our aim is to provide you with the tools and tech you need to run your business and to price our hosting, plugins, tools, and support in an affordable manner, so you can grow your business.”

DigitalOcean plays an important role in fulfilling WPMU DEV’s vision to provide a unique service offering integrated with ‘next-level’ WordPress hosting that includes all the perks of dedicated, fully managed hosting proactively included with every plan.

For example, here are just some of the developer tools and performance and security features we have added to our hosting:

Developer Tools

  • One-Click Staging – With one-click sync to staging and sync to live.
  • Self-Healing Architecture – Automated monitoring to restart or rebuild server resources.
  • SFTP / SSH – Create accounts with different permissions whenever you need.
  • phpMyAdmin – Manage your database painlessly.
  • WP-CLI – Includes custom commands.
  • Git, Composer, & NPM – Everything a developer needs for superhero-worthy sites.
  • No Read/Write IOP File Limits – No IOPS limits on our systems, based on what the underlying disk can handle.
  • NewRelic & Blackfire Support – One-click connect NewRelic or Blackfire to debug performance issues.
  • Reset WP – Quickly reset sites back to default on both production and staging.

Performance & Security

  • Free SSL Certificates – Automatically added via Let’s Encrypt.
  • Dedicated IP – For security, SEO, and reliability – nothing here is shared.
  • Nightly Backups – Automate incremental backups with nearly instant restores.
  • Hourly Hosting Backups (Optional) – Although this is not automatically included with our hosting plans, we have priced it super low as a hosting reseller addon…a perfect upsell for high data volume sites, eCommerce stores, etc.
  • Object Cache – Improves performance and lets you handle traffic with ease.
  • IPv6 – The latest and fastest Internet technology.
  • Web Application Firewall – Stop malicious traffic before it ever reaches your site with our hosted WAF.
  • Static Server Cache (FastCGI) – Activate to handle an average of 10 times more parallel site visitors.
  • Optimized For WordPress – Dedicated and optimized resources, built on a powerful LEMP stack.

Advanced Tools

  • Painless & Free Migration – Use our automated tools or we can migrate unlimited sites for you, completely free.
  • 45-Point CDN – Lightning-fast images and assets via our Smush & Hummingbird plugins.
  • Analytics – See your sites’ live stats, visits, storage, bandwidth, and email activity in one easy place.
  • Cloning & Templates – Streamline your workflow with our templates or create your own to resell to clients.
  • All-In-One Interface – Access all the hosting features you need from one central interface via The Hub.
  • Easy File Management – No messing with FTP, save time with our complete and built-in file manager.

And we are not just stopping at hosting…with new integration features like our soon-to-be-released domain registration and Automated Reseller just around the corner, we are well on our way to providing web developers with a complete “WordPress business in a box” solution.

But don’t take it from us…let’s take a look at what our own members have to say about the role our hosting plays in their business before we dive into everything we’ve built on top of DigitalOcean’s infrastructure.

“We value the customers that come into our client pool looking for websites. We hope they’ll stay with us for years as loyal hosting customers.” Jim W. (WPMU DEV Member)

Reliable Hosting That Inspires Complete Business Confidence

“I’m not comfortable to use other hosting that is not reliable.” Jay C. (WPMU DEV Member)

WPMU DEV is built entirely around providing WordPress web developers with a complete white label business and hosting platform that you can fully brand as your own.

Hub client plugin overview
WPMU DEV provides web developers with a complete white label business and reseller hosting solution.

If our products and services didn’t inspire developers with the confidence to go out and build their businesses on our platform, it wouldn’t just be our reputation on the line but those of our members too.

Fortunately, WPMU DEV’s hosting is built on DigitalOcean’s solid infrastructure and monitored 24/7 by our own team of in-house hosting experts, so you can build your business with us with complete confidence that you are getting the best of the best.

“I will never have anything to do with low budget hosting. If they ask whether they can keep their current hosting or use cheaper hosting, I tell them that I can’t professionally recommend it because of the terrible experiences I’ve had myself and heard about, and I do not offer maintenance services for sites I don’t host. But once I explain the benefits, the risks, and the maintenance things they’ll have to do or find someone to do, they usually end up on my hosting anyway.” Greg (WPMU DEV Member)

It cannot be stressed enough how important reliable hosting is when it comes to building a global company responsible for providing thousands of web developers with the tools they need to build, host, and maintain hundreds of thousands of websites for businesses all around the world.

As one of our members put it most succintly…

“I won’t host on shitty hosts.” Edwin (WPMU DEV Member)

Affordable Reseller Hosting You Can Build A Great Business On

“I’d rather make less up front on the design but make a loyal long-term hosting customer.” Phil M (WPMU DEV Member)

Because we offer WordPress web developers a white label reseller experience, we’ve had to make sure that our hosting is not only competitively priced in the managed WordPress hosting arena but that there is also room for our members to make a profitable margin when reselling any of our hosting plans.

Our best pro WP tools in one bundle