SpeedTalk Mobile $18 Wireless Plan | Unlimited Talk & Text + Data | 30 Days Wireless Service Cell Plan for 5G/4G LTE Smart Phones and Cellphones | Triple Cut (Mini, Micro, Nano) 3 in 1 GSM Sim Card

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SpeedTalk Mobile $18 Wireless Plan | Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data | 30 Days of Wireless Service for 5G/4G LTE Smart Phones and Cellphones | Triple Cut (Mini, Micro, and Nano) 3 in 1 GSM Sim Card
RELIABLE COVERAGE: We offer 5G and 4G LTE nationwide coverage, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, on the largest and fastest network. Forget about dropped calls, loading issues, or slow data speeds. You can check specific network ranges on the SpeedTalk Mobile Coverage Map.
Universal compatibility: Bring your own phone allows you to use any compatible cell phone on the SpeedTalk Mobile network. The Sim Card can be used to activate ANY UNLOCKED 5G/4G GSM-compatible phone, including iPhones, Androids, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, LG, Windows, and non-smartphones. Our SIM card is designed in 3 different sizes (mini, micro, and nano) to ensure that you can use it with a variety of devices. Just punch out the size that fits your device and insert it.
Maintain Your Phone Number: Lose the big bill, not how people contact you. We offer the option to port-in (keep) your existing phone number or get a new one at no extra charge.
EASY ACTIVATION & CUSTOMER SUPPORT: We do not have in-store locations, so we have made account access easy and all online. Simple activation in three easy steps 1. Download the SpeedTalk Mobile app. 3. Activate your SIM card. 4. Install the SIM card in your phone. We can help support your transition from another carrier in a seamless and quick process; just call us for assistance. We provide live customer support seven days a week, 365 days a year, when you call our toll-free number.

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