Automate your Reddit Marketing at scale

You are probably spending too much time on Reddit Marketing to find potential leads.

And, your Reddit Ads may not be effective because they don’t reach your relevant audience and/or most of the Reddit users use Ad blockers.

How about a solution that automates the process of finding leads and sending direct messages on Reddit?

Introducing Howitzer

Howitzer is the only solution that offers targeted Reddit DM automation and chat automation, with a human-like behavior, so your leads will feel like they’re talking to a real person


  • Target & Extract Leads from Reddit
  • Alternative to: Dominator House, Socinator
  • Automate Reddit Chat & Direct Messages without proxies or Reddit accounts
  • Best Suited for: Marketers, Sales Professionals, Business Owners, Consultants

With Howitzer, you no longer need to have Reddit accounts, download software, set up proxies or VPN, everything is already set for you.


Usually, Howitzer Free Trial plan comes up with only 5 queries, 20 exported users & 20 messages (in total) without automation

Today, you can get a Howitzer SaaS Mantra plan with 50 queries every month, 50 exported users per query and 20 automated messages on a lifetime deal for Free!!

You can upgrade anytime to Howitzer Starter, Growth, Scale & Enterprise plans any time later on an exclusive discount for the SaaS Mantra genieus-es (a.k.a) you.






  • 50 Queries per month
  • 50 Extracted users per query
  • 1 Reddit Account (included)
  • 20 Messages on Automation
  • Built-in Spam Checker
  • Message Personalization
  • Plug & Play Cloud-based Solution
  • Human-like Behaviour
  • Fresh & Unique Growth Channel
  • Target and Extract Users
  • No refunds (obviously, it’s a Freebie



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