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Password: 123456

Mappers Description

Mappers – Description Ajax models, live map results, beautiful signs, category pictures on the map., quick features in the list, such as great features, beautiful clean design, your project will look unusual. Places, redirects, coupons, real estate, car rental or any general listing can be used for the website. You can also pay with a credit card, create packages and sell them.


  • Universal CMS Directory & Listing
  • Live Sidebar Results on Map
  • Data for map loaded from PHP file – ready for DB connection
  • Quick View Modal Detail on Listings
  • AJAX Modal Windows from PHP
  • Google Auto Complete Address
  • Working Email Forms
  • Latitude, Longitude or Address for Markers
  • Item detailed search
  • Add partners from the admin panel
  • Blog writing and blog features
  • Video attach feature
  • Adding packages, limiting members according to packages
  • Total and instant analyzes
  • Video limit
  • Limit gallery images
  • Social accounts limit
  • Manage packages from the administration panel
  • Zoom in and out of your homepage
  • Set the home map location
  • Currency setting
  • Facebook twitter Add your YouTube and instagram accounts, appear in the footer field
  • Page insertion and page editing
  • Users can adjust their own maps
  • Add free package, every user can use it once
  • Receive payment by credit card through Stripe

Mappers - Cms Directory Php Script - 1

Theme Updates

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release
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