Footwear POS


Footwear POS is billing system(POS). complete solution for Footwear Store. This CMS Includes almost everything needed in a Footwear billing system. We made this fully responsive so that every device can get an access.We use CodeIgniter as a framework.its very easy to changes. This Footwear Management System allows multiple admin and multiple User. admin can observe whatever a User doing what? How many sells posts by a User.We are provide easy barcode generator system with stock management.
Features :

1. Barcode Generator In A4 Size

2. Easy and cool design

3. Simple Common Login with Admin & User

4. Simple step to Sales All Footwear Product

b. Choose Product
c. Choose Billno & Create Series
d. Quick Customer Add
e. Set Discount

5. Complete information of Sales & Footwear

a. Date Wise Bill Reports & other option like Between Date,Today,Weekly,Monthly
b. unique Bill No.
c. Customer billing Date wise
d. logo & address and bill system config
e. Easy add product with unlimited option
f. Easy add Department
g. Easy add Product Category
h. Easy add Product Sub Category
i. Easy add Brand

6. SMS Config (User can Send simple message with Bill notification to Customer)

7. User Management & User Right

8. PDF & Excel Reports

9. Application allow to use multi language.(google languages tools)

10. User Management

11. Report Section

a. Selling Report
b. Return Selling Report
c. Stock Information Report
d. Margin Report
e. Stock Summary Report
f. Closeout Report

12. Import Product To Barcode

a. Multiple Product Import From Excel Sheet

Demo URL : http://foot.rudleobulksms.in/

Username : admin Password : admin

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