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Counter Pro – PHP Coming Soon Counter with Admin Panel is a responsive Website Launch Counter, Maintainnace Mode Counter and Under Construction Mode Counter with Admin Panel. This CMS is built completely with PHP and MySQL. It has a nice and attractive front end and back end interface that are really awesome and eyecatching. The Admin Panel has nice and maintainable features that can be handle easily by client. Almost all kinds of changes are possible to do using the admin panel without having any kind or programming language knowledge.

This Product is built using the procedural PHP and without any framework. For this reason, it can be customized easily by most of the developers. This script was prepared using the PDO feature of PHP language. That’s why, no SQL injection and XSS attack is possible here and your website will be safe.


  1. Responsive Design for All Devices
  2. Secured coding against SQL injection
  3. Can be used for Website Launch, Maintainnace Mode, Under Construction Mode Counter
  4. Email Subscription of Visitors
  5. Email Verification
  6. Admin Password Change and Email Changing Option
  7. Web Site Release Date insertion from Admin Panel
  8. Admin Login and Front Page Image Changing from Admin Panel
  9. Subscription List of the Visitors who subscribed
  10. Active and Inactive status of Subscribers
  11. Deletion of Subscribers
  12. Website Name and Description Setting
  13. SEO Settings
  14. SMTP Email Settings


Front End: Click the Link

Admin Panel: Click the Link

Admin Login

Username / Email: [email protected]

Password: admin

Note: Data will not saved in demo version.


SB Admin 2


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