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Cheapest shared plans and best value for money ($2.95/month)

DreamHost keeps it simple and cheap. Its two plans are low on cost, costing just $2.95 per month when billed annually, but great value for money, advertising 100% uptime and unlimited storage. With an impressive value for money score of 4.4 out of 5, it’s our number one choice!!


Cheapest shared plans and best value for money


4.4out of 5

  • Quality shared plans
  • Free daily backups
  • 100% uptime


  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Free WordPress migrations
  • 97-day money-back guarantee


  • No 24/7 or direct phone support
  • No industry-standard cPanel
  • Disappointing uptime percentage

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DreamHost Shared Hosting Pricing Breakdown

DreamHost has dramatically improved its value for money, jumping from 3.5 in our pre-2022 ratings to 4.4 out of 5 in our latest research!

DreamHost’s Shared Starter plan starts at just $2.95/month, although you will need to commit to a 12-month term to get that price. This is much less than other providers, though, and if you really want to, you can even opt to pay month-by-month for $4.95 per month – great if you want more flexibility over your subscription!

There’s also the Shared Unlimited plan, which starts at the same discount price of $2.95 per month. It offers unlimited storage and websites for that $2.95 per month introductory price, so it’s the wiser option for getting the most bang for your buck. That said, it’s worth noting that the Shared Unlimited plan renews at the higher price of $12.99 per month once your first year is over.

These renewal fees can be a killer if you don’t expect them, so let us break them down for you:

PricingShared StarterShared Unlimited
MonthlyDeal price: $4.95
Renewal price (after three months): $7.99
Deal price: $8.95
Renewal price (after three months): $13.99
1 YearDeal price: $2.95
Renewal price (after one year): $6.99
Deal price: $2.95
Renewal price (after one year): $12.99
3 YearsDeal price: $2.59
Renewal price (after three years): $5.99
Deal price: $3.95
Renewal price (after three years): $10.99

If you don’t enjoy DreamHost, it offers a 97-day money-back guarantee after you open an account, so you can use and experiment in peace.

DreamHost Shared Hosting Features

DreamHost’s most enticing feature is perhaps that it doesn’t put a limit on how many people can visit your site each month. Although most small websites won’t attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, it’s nice to know you don’t have to worry either way.

It also boasts a fantastic 100% uptime guarantee! Most sites can promise a very good 99% uptime, but never the whole enchilada. DreamHost is so confident in its uptime, that the company will even refund you if your site ever goes down under its watch.

Free backups and domains are another two big selling points, while an SSL certificate and a website builder are nice touches. The main difference between DreamHost and competitors like Bluehost or HostGator is that DreamHost doesn’t use cPanel, an industry-standard dashboard. It does have its own bespoke dashboard, however, which is pretty easy to get to grips with.

Some of the downsides include a lack of phone support and not much variety of plans. Customers can still access DreamHost’s live chat and email 24/7, and it has a knowledge base and community center for queries

DreamHost has plenty of features, but it doesn’t use a cPanel dashboard – instead it uses a custom dashboarddreamhost pricing

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DreamHost is the cheapest and best value for money hosting provider.

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