ADA Compliance Services

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) requires business websites to be accessible to people with disabilities. More specifically, if a business’s website is not ADA compliant, they are actively discriminating against people with disabilities. This can result in litigation and added expenses for health providers. Even though the standards and rules are a bit fuzzy in places, health providers can be ADA compliant by investing in software that shows them on their websites where they are noncompliant with the ADA.
President Joe Biden on 28th, September 2022, Readdressed The ADA Compliance Law While Celebrating The Americans With Disabilities Act.

Businesses Should Ensure Their Websites Are ADA-Compliant. If Your Business Provides A Service To Customers It Should Comply With ADA Regulations. Even the Health Sectors Are Not Left Out.

Recent Trending ADA Compliant Cases:
Business Owners Are Getting Sued For Their Non-Compliant Websites….
​Since ADA is inline  with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) these laws affect every Website around the World.

We offer services to

1. Analyze your website.

2. Manually test your website against the laws and guidelines.

3. Install and configure ADA web accessibility widget.

4. Write Online Accessibility Statement policies.

5. Add Alternate Tag.

6. Color Contrast.

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