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What happens if my drone crashes?

First, try to retrieve your drone, which should be straightforward if you flew it within eyesight. After retrieving your drone, inspect it for physical damage.

If you don’t notice any physical damage to your drone apart from a broken propeller, you can run some tests. Do this by removing all propellers from the drone, installing a different battery if possible, powering up the drone, and attempting to fly. This flight attempt initiates your drone’s boot sequence, which runs some internal checks on your drone.

If the test returns no error, you can try a test flight to see if your remote controller functions well. If you’re satisfied with the test flight, you can continue flying. If you encounter any issues during the test flight, it might mean there’s a problem with your drone’s internal components. Contact Us via the website. We might be able to help you with troubleshooting or repairs.

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